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On the day of admission

Patient admission office

Your first hours at our Clinics
We want you to feel at home from the very first moment you enter our Clinics. Therefore, we try to avoid unnecessary waiting times for you and your family members at the patient admission office, and we ask your treating physician to send us - online - the information required for your inpatient stay. This information is then checked with you on the day of your admission. You are welcome to download our Flyer "Information about your stay"(only available in german) as preparation.

However, we also ask for your cooperation:
Please inform yourself of the exact time of your admission the day before your scheduled inpatient admission to our Clinic.

For such information you may contact the patient admission office from Monday to Thursday, 3 p.m. onward, and on Friday/Saturday/Sunday during the office hours mentioned below at the following telephone number:

+49 (0) 89 149 903 - 1000

The following may serve as orientation for you and your family members:
If your operation is going to take place on the day of your admission, you will be admitted about 2 hours before your surgery appointment and will be prepared directly at our admission ward for your forthcoming operation.

If your operation is to take place the day after your admission, you will be admitted at about 2 p.m.

The team at the patient admission office will be available round the clock to answer any questions you may have.

Office hours of the patient admission office (ground floor)
Monday - Thursday:
6.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
6.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m.
9.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

We have prepared a guideline for packing your suitcase so you do not forget anything important for the duration of your stay at our Clinics. Please click here to download the information.

Your phone /Internet:
Every patient at Isar Clinic and Pettenkofer Clinic has his/her own telephone at the bedside.

If you wish to use this phone, please say so at the time of admission. The phone will then be activated and you may also pass on your phone number at ISAR Medical Center to your relatives and friends.

If you additionally wish to access the Internet with your own laptop through our wireless LAN connection, please also mention this at the time of your admission to the hospital. The cost of registration is 3 Euros per day from the time of registration at admission.

Your car:
If you are driving your own car you may park it in our underground car park at a fee of 15 Euros per day. The fee will be due on the day of your discharge.

Admission office/Preparation for surgery

On the day of your operation we will receive you at the admission ward on the second floor. For further information please download our flyer entitled "From the admission ward to the operating room"(only available in german). Code of conduct for adolescents and adults:
  • Do not eat anything after midnight the evening before your operation.
  • Until 2 hours before your admission to the Clinic on the day of operation, you may drink clear liquids (water, tea and coffee without milk, no fruit juice) and you may smoke
  • If you take any tablets in the morning, please talk to the anesthetist during the preanesthesia evaluation as to which tablets you may take.
  • Please remove all make-up (nail polish on the hands and feet, make-up, etc.)
  • Please leave all jewelry (including your wedding ring, piercings, ear-rings, cloth wristbands, etc.) at the ward (or at home)
  • Leave all dentures and hairpieces at the ward
  • Please do not bring glasses or contact lenses to the operating room (you may bring glasses only after previous consultation and only in case of very markedly impaired vision)
  • Please bring hearing aids to the operating room only in case of absolute deafness
On the day of the operation the admission ward team or the ward staff will bring you directly to the operating room. Your luggage and valuables will be brought to your room by the transport personnel. In the operating room you will be received in the preparation room by your anesthetist and the anesthesia staff. There we will start to prepare anesthesia with continuous monitoring of your cardiovascular function. We will then introduce a venous access on the back of your hand or your forearm for the purpose of infusion. The subsequent steps depend on the selected anesthetic procedure (general anesthesia or regional procedures or local anesthesia). For further information click here.