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and treatment

During your stay

During the operation

Your anesthetist will take care of you for the entire duration of your operation. He will also administer anesthesia and pain treatment adjusted to your individual needs. In addition to the depth of anesthesia, your vital parameters such as cardiac action, respiration, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and other factors will be measured continuously.

After the operation
After the operation you will be cared for in the recovery room by our anesthesia staff. Your respiration as well as cardiovascular function will be observed here on the monitor. Pain that may occur after an operation can be treated very well. After major operations it may be necessary to monitor you at the intensive care unit.

After your treatment your discharge will usually take place between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Thereafter the rooms will be prepared for incoming patients. Before leaving your room please ensure that you have packed all your personal belongings (cupboard, bathroom, and safe).
  • Co-payment by your health insurance fund
At your discharge you, as an adult legally insured party without co-payment exemption, must fulfill your co-payment obligations required by law.

This co-payment consists of 10 Euros per calendar day and is limited to maximum 28 days per year. The day of admission and the day of discharge are counted as full days.

You may settle your co-payment in cash, by ATM card, or by credit card on the day of your discharge.
  • Persons with supplementary insurance/Self-payers
We request you to pay the cost of your single-patient room or double-patient room on the day of your discharge either in cash or by ATM or credit card.
  • Billing Phone credit/Internet/Underground car park
Phone, Internet and the underground car park will be billed on the day of discharge. Of course you will receive your remaining credit, or you may simply settle the due difference in cash or by ATM or credit card.