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Inpatient surgery

You will usually be admitted to ISAR Klinikum on the day of your surgery. In the preoperative preparation, which usually takes place a few days before your stay in hospital, you will be provided with all the important information. This includes the pre-anaesthetic briefing as well as any necessary medical examinations. Our flyer entitled Information for your stay (only available in german) summarises the key points.

We want you to feel comfortable at our clinic and so make every effort to minimise the waiting time as much as possible, e.g. by collecting and transmitting your data electronically. You can help us speed up the process even more by letting us know your exact admission time. Please call us on +49 (0)89 149 903 1000 after 2 pm on the day before you’re due to be admitted.

On the day of your surgery, you will be continuously cared for by our team. The anaesthesiologist will perform customised anaesthesia during your entire stay. After your surgery, you will be cared for in the recovery room by our specially trained staff. They will constantly monitor your breathing, heart rate and circulation and will treat any pain that may occur after surgery. If necessary, you can remain in the ICU for observation.