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Patient's feedback

"When I came to ISAR Klinikum, this experience was eye-opening. It was clear for me that the care I would receive in your institution would be far superior to that I received in the states. After many years of being marathon runner, cyclist and triathlete, I was suffering from a cartilage defect and patellofemoral tracking issues.

I decided to pursue medical care at ISAR Klinikum and it exceeded my every expectation. The hospital possesses the latest technology and the facilities were simply outstanding. The surgical, anesthesia, medical nursing and physical staff were top notch. I cannot thank the whole team of ISAR Klinikum enough, I feel like they have given me the opportunity to have my old life back, and that is a life I had almost resigned myself to losing forever."

- Mary Mercado
"Being a former international soccer professional, I know what physical capability means. After my break-down while skiing in 2000 meters height, the negative consequences of the sudden atrial fibrillation for my physical condition appeared to me for the first time. After more than one year and visiting numerous physicians, I finally came to the ISAR Klinikum. Prof. Lewalter and Prof. Leber gave new health to me. The nightly restlessness, attacks of sweating and the lacking physical performance have disappeared completely.

ISAR Klinikum is not just an extraordinary equipped clinic with internationally prestigious and highly competent physicians, but also living the service thought, which I, being the owner of a boutique hotel, can evaluate very well. I abundantly recommend this clinic with its outstanding combination of ambulant and stationary treatment, a hotel-like atmosphere and highly competent staff."

- Robert Snaphann
"Today I have been in this fantastic clinic, which was founded by Prof. Dr. Eckhard Alt. I was very delighted by the sincere contact.

I can speak from absolute conviction and without hesitation that the patient always receives the very best treatment. True humanity, simplicity, and willingness to provide the people with the best. I could really experience those aspects today on my own.

As the romans said and which equally counts for the ISAR Klinikum: vivat, crescat, floreat - live, prosper, grow!

Thank you!"

- Father Mario Maggi
" First of all we would like to thank you for your kindness and for treating our mother so well in every respect. In terms of her back pain, there has been a considerable improvement – in fact the pain has almost gone – and for that we would like to say a huge thank you, also on behalf of our mother. It’s truly hard to believe that such a procedure can bring about such a substantial improvement so quickly. A big thank you to the medical team.

Kind regards "

- Ute Knopf and Martha Schränkler

"Dear Dr. Schöttle,

I just spotted you by chance in medical documentary "Achtung Notaufnahme" on Kabel 1 and, even though it was a long time ago, I was prompted to write and thank you again for the very successful operation you performed on my knee! A few years ago I ruptured my PCL and LCL in a fire service traffic accident, and I am still extremely pleased with the result of the operation! I never expected my severe knee injury to heal so well and that I would be left with no restrictions in my everyday life and doing sports – so a huge thank you to you for what was the perfect outcome of the operation for me! The posterior drawer still seems to be present to a minor degree, but because the knee is very stable as a whole and I can also bend it further than 150°, this basically does not limit me at all in everyday life. I can do any kind of sport I like (snowboarding, (beach) volleyball, basketball) and since 2009 I have also been able to play a part in the volunteer fire service again... 🙂

Many thanks and all the best!


- Dipl.-Ing. Andreas M. Wenzelis

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