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Spine Surgery Range of services

We operate with great precision when performing minimally invasive, microsurgical, or endoscopy-assisted interventions. These demand extensive technical effort and special devices. With our equipment, we belong to the most modern facilities throughout Germany.

In addition to highly specialized surgical instruments and state-of-the-art surgical microscopes, we use methods of intraoperative functional control (so-called electrophysiological monitoring) and intraoperative imaging. These enable us to perform safe and function-preserving operations while providing you effective recovery and rapid convalescence in a pleasant environment.

Examinations and Interventions

  • Microsurgical and endoscopy-assisted minimally invasive operations for disc prolapse and stenoses in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Disc arthroplasty and disc replacement Microsurgical resection of spinal tumors under functional monitoring
  • Minimally invasive stabilization procedures in the lumbar spine and the cervical spine in cases of degenerative spinal instability (spondylolisthesis)
  • Microsurgical decompression surgery (foraminotomy, laminotomy, if necessary with "crossover decompression", "open door laminoplasty", laminectomy, vertebrectomy)