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Internships and Clerkships

What we offer you
  • Internships as part of medical studies
  • Voluntary internships available on request (you must provide your own accident insurance coverage)
  • Care placements (also available as block work placement for pupils)
  • Student internships (Section 5 Para. 2.2 JArbSchG) only on request
  • Caregiver placements run for at least 4 weeks
  • Internships in various administrative roles possible on request (at least 2 months)
  • No accommodation
What you offer us
  • Enthusiasm in dealing with our patients and customers
  • Interest in public health
  • Before you start an internship, we require a medical certificate confirming a clean bill of health.
  • We also require proof of your vaccination record (at least two hepatitis B vaccines as well as information on when the second was administered).
  • An internship agreement must be signed in advance.
Applicant information
  • Field/area
  • Duration of the internship/placement
  • Objective and desired responsibilities
  • Address and contact person of the school (if available; only applies to student internships)
  • Short CV including your address and phone number
  • Students also require a certificate of registration and proof of study regulations for the required placement/internship.
Dr. Mike Schulz
Head of Human Resources

Susanna Probst
Human Resources

Phone: +49 89 149 903 - 1865