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Our Center for Regenerative Medicine offers you new treatments using the body’s own resources.

Regenerative medicine is a modern field of biomedicine which treats diseases and ailments with the help of the body’s own resources. One aspect of regenerative medicine is so-called stem cell therapy, which has been used, for example, in the treatment of leukemia for over 40 years. Stem cells represent the reserve army of our bodies. They replace dead and damaged cells and so enable recovery through the body’s own resources. Regenerative cells are present in the tissue of every individual and up to now have often been harvested from bone marrow. This procedure, however, is elaborate and associated with certain risks for the patient from the cell collection. Furthermore, the number of regenerative cells obtained in this way is limited, which is why collected stem cells are often laboriously propagated in the lab. And because the probability of error increases with every propagation cycle, the cultural propagation of stem cells is limited, particularly in old age.

In our newly founded Center for Regenerative Medicine, we use only patients’ own, non-cultivated so-called adult, autologous, regenerative cells. No embryonic cells are used.

More than ten years of fundamental research into regenerative cells have shown that they are present in large numbers in the blood vessels of the adipose tissue. Because of the numerous regenerative cells in this fatty tissue, there is no need to cultivate them in the lab. The cells are harvested from 30-80 ml adipose tissue within an hour and returned to the patient in the same surgical procedure without any further changes or manipulation.

What’s more, the patient is given only their own cells, which are not attacked by the body’s immune system. This renders immunosuppression unnecessary, in contrast to when unrelated donors are involved. So our method is very gentle for the patients. The resulting benefits for regenerative medicine are considerable and open up new treatment possibilities for a variety of diseases and ailments.

In modern medicine, therefore, stem cells are celebrated as true all-rounders. Scientific studies have shown that stem cells enable the regeneration of bone, cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, heart, nerves, skin, and more. A finding that opens the door to new possibilities in regenerative medicine, but also to the treatment of pain, such as from spinal conditions and diseases.
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